Laura & Elliot Long Beach Wedding


Jordan Jones (yours truly)

Lisa Munns 

Laura Short & Lindsey Boluyt
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Hi Loves!
I just wanted to share these lovely images from a recent gig I had the pleasure to work on. I drove up from San Diego to Long Beach for the day for some beautiful boho yet classic hair styling on these pretty ladies. The bride's look came out stunning! Of course it helped that she was an actual working model in the industry which also makes the stylist job easier, but everyone else turned out fantastic as well. Using my curling wand, marcel curling iron, flat iron and some bobby pins I serviced the bride and bridesmaids to their liking and everyone was happy. 

On a side note, I have to talk up miss Lisa the makeup artist who I owe an enormous amount of gratitude for. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to pull this off. How does that saying go? "Teamwork makes the dream work" yes, and it's certainly true especially in this case. We tag teamed glamming up these beauties and I had a lot of fun in the process doing so. I'm a true people person so I had a nice time getting to know these sweet clients, they were such a pleasure to work on. I can honestly admit that I was at ease to know that there was no bridezilla in this bunch just love and joy. Everyone looked great and I can see through their wedding images that it was a successful grand time celebrating their love. 
Gotta love weddings right? It just brings us all together.

For future reference I have a new project coming up with Lisa November 3-5th styling some ladies hair for a conference so I'll report on that sometime as well.

I hope you're all doing well loves! Sorry it's been a hot second, please forgive me I've been working fulltime and finishing beauty school is no joke there's sooo much studying...

- Jordy


 Rose Honey Sage Facemask

Hi Loves!
Last but not least I have the final D.I.Y homemade beauty project here to share with you lovely readers. This one is great for these hot summer days when we get too much sun exposure and need to restart or refresh your skin. It's so good to use face masks weekly, it helps keep our cells regenerating properly aiding it along keeping our healthy glow. When made with natural organic products our skin and well beings especially love the pure goodness of the ingredients we put onto and into our bodies. Since this is the last of my beauty homemade series feel free to comment below or email me for you thoughts and input. If not, that's okay too, I hope you can benefit from this series and maybe I've left you feeling inspired and curious about homemade remedies. They're not all the difficult to make and are super rewarding to use. Also on a side note I wanted to mention that this series is NOT sponsored, I just simply wanted to share my own take on these delightful beauty products.
 *Please feel free to share your comments and tell us what you like to use for this type of handmade beauty product. I'd love to hear, I hope your week is going well.

-Fresh local organic shredded sage
(A small handful will do) or substitute for 5 drops of Sage essential oil
-1/2 cup of Rosewater
-1/2 cup of local raw organic honey
-Fresh rose petals torn into small bits or substitute for a Rose essential oil

All ingredients in a small non-porous bowl like the stainless steel bowl used in the images above. With this face mask a little bit goes a long way so a small amount of this is all you’ll need when actually applying the mask to your own face. Once the ingredients are very well mixed together put into an airtight jar or container but a jar works better and store in the fridge until use. When applying this facemask I’ve learned that using a small spatula or spoon works really well to the face. Let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water and go about your regular skin care regimen. On a side note I think it’s a given here but be sure to clean and wash your face before applying this facemask. This will not expire soon if store in the fridge, it should last 3-4 weeks.


All images above were taken and edited with Julie Jones my creative partner in this project. Check out her site for more:

- Jordy

MUD Cosmetics Makeup Photoshoot

Hello Readers!

Today is special because for those of you who follow me on Instagram (@honey_lavender) have probably already seen sneak previews of my model in the above pictures. Meet Hannah Beard, my face modeling my take on a 90's grunge makeup look

A bit of fun facts about miss Hannah:
1. She's actually an Esthetician in training at Bellus Academy Beauty school
2. She used to be a competitive cheerleader for California All Stars (like me) back in the day
3. She has a septum ring like me
4. She's the sweetest, it was a pleasure working with her

As far as credits go:
Photographer- Jonathan Sevilla
Model- Hannah Beard
Makeup Artist- Jordan Jones
Wardrobe styling & jewelry- Jordan Jones

*Side note these images are in the raw are untouched and in their purest form

- Jordy