Fall in San Diego (Couples series part 1)

Grant- White T-shirt from h&m, Boots from Clarks, Jeans are from Railcar and Co., black denim work shirt is from Lone Flag
Jordan- Free People white shirt dress, burgundy dress and all jewelry from Metaphor Boutique, black flats from Ragz Dresswear

Hi Loves!

I hope your holidays have been going well lately. 
Today I wanted to share and exciting couples photoshoot I recently did with my wonderful boyfriend, Grant Thomas and photographers Julie Jones and Jonathan Padilla in Balboa Park. This is a special series because not only does it celebrate our love togther but showcases what a wonderful job Julie and Jon make as a team together. They had asked Grant and I to model for them and take "couples photos" togther for their portfolio to help build their work as wedding photographers so here we are. I was lucky enough to take a little bit of styling control and strategliclly planned out our outfits to coorinate, which you will see showcased with two more looks as well. This is a little series I'm thrilled to share with you all and have two more locations in downtown San Diego we took photos in as well as two more outfit changes to follow, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

I wanted to shout out a HUGE thank you to my friend Kasey Kathleen @kasekathleen from Metaphore Boutique in downtown Vista, CA for the jewelry and dresses showcased in this shoot.

On a side note, in case you can't tell I'm very much in love with this man of mine and I'm the luckiest girl to have found such a person I can be myself with. If you know what this is like it's a special thing and I wish you readers all the best! 


Location- Balboa Park, SD, CA

- Jordy

You Creep Me Out

Hi Loves!

I hope you all are gearing up for Halloween this weekend. I thought that these images would be perfect to share since they have such a creepy vibe to them. I'm so happy to finally release these images from a project I worked on over a year ago with a fabulous team from Bellus Academy.

Together the models, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and myself the jewelry designer were all working together to create an eerie story that says high fashion grunge meets beauty. As you can probably guess all the eclectic and unusual jewelry the models are wearing are my own handmade designs. It's so much fun to see them come to life!!!

I'm waiting to see if these images get published in a local fashion/art magazine with the efforts of the photographer reached out to his connections we have a pretty good shot at it. You may be thinking, hey these images kinda look familiar... yes that because they are. From this blog post HERE and here were sneak peeks and previews if you will of these pictures which are the end result from the long day of shooting.

For more on this colloboatoin photoshoot click this article our work has been published in: http://www.finehomesandliving.com/Of-Dreams-and-Nightmares-Photoshoot/ 

Well, with all that said here's the credits incase you were curious:

 Myra Estrada & Todd Dasilva

Jonathan Sevilla

Nicole Agular & Sonia Tabor

Jewelry & Accessories: 
yours truly

Jesus Rafael & Cassie Luciano

Leather Designs by: 
Chi Stylez

Image retouching by: 
Jonathan Luciano

I wish you all a spooky and Happy Halloween readers!!! Till next time.

- Jordy