Classic Minimal Style

Hi Loves!

As of lately, I can't help but want to revamp my wardrobe with styles like these images. I'll  have to try and recreate what I see to the best of my ability. This is how I work. I have a visual memory.  How do you tend to shop? I usually go out with an item or two in mind and try to shop for that specific things. I think of ways in my head how I can restyle the item I'm hoping to buy so I can get the most of my money. Since it's spring I tend to stay away from the crazy loud prints I'm usually drawn to. What I want to focus on for this year is investing in some staple pieces I can re wear again and again like the items below: A denim cutoff short that doesn't ride up my ass would be nice, some sneakers, a perfect plaid shirt, some leopard print shoes, skinny jeans, and anything menswear or vintage inspired I just love. What are you lusting after for this Spring season? 

For me it's  this  white Rebecca Minkoff mini bag:


                                         ... Maybe I can make this happen with my tax return money ; ) hehe

(note: all images taken from

- Jordy


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