The Grunge Bohemian Look

Red Walgreen's beanie, a mixture of handmade and thrifted necklaces, thrifted black/red embellished tunic dress, Jeffrey Campbell Johnny Tall boots, Thrifted 80's sweater robe and found bag.

Hi Loves!

So I totally wore this look last week to go grocery shopping.

Yes, I actually kinda dress up to go grocery shopping sometimes, but minus the make up this particular morning. I was lazy and just threw this random grunge inspired and gypsy vibe together mainly because of the shitty foggy weather here in the Richmond. San Francisco is definitely having a late start on getting our summer weather on here in the bay. Lately on the weekends I like being comfortable and au natural. I figure while I'm still young I might as well be proud enough to rock a bare face in public without feeling too self conscious. If you feel good then you look good and I was feeling good this day. Once again may I remind you of one of my sayings I live by, "Less is More" and it's so true when it comes to fashion.

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Have a fabulous week guys!

- Jordy


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