Music Festival Style

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Theres nothing like dressing for the ever changing weather here in San Francisco, especially this time of the year where sometimes the sun likes to hide away and peek out occasionally. This is why I always dress in layers. The wool hat not only protects my eyes from the sun but its also an added bonus when the temperature drops. I loved busting out these wild ratchet tribal pants from Forever 21 which we perfect for a music festival especially when paired with sturdy slip on Anthropologie booties for stomping around. My necklace and brass geometric cuff I made myself and my tank is one I bought from Letote. The Spitfire sunglass were an impulse buy from Wasteland earlier that day. I'm also wearing an  oversized brown and black sweater which is vintage. I often frequent my fav thrift store in SF Thrift Town on Mission and 17th for unique one of a kind treasures like my belt and sweater jacket.  And there you have it my version of what a festival outfit is made up of.

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There's more to come! Check back for a new post on festival fashion featuring my friend Emilie.

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