Decorating For Small Spaces

Hi Loves!

I wanted to share these images since I've been looking forward to re-vamping up the apartment now that I have some awesome new roommates that are down to decorate, paint and just basically contribute to making our home a little more cozy. Don't worry I'll post a few "Before and After" pictures eventually. This Sunday my 5 roommates and I will be hosting a "house meeting I do have to say I am quite happy with my new roommates in general especially Katie, man this girl and I go waaay back like back when I used to live in the Mission district 5 years ago back. Needless to say it's nice to have her back in my life. Things have gotten real lately, there's been plenty of girl talk to go around, which is nice because I didn't realize that it's something I've been missing out on in my life.  

On a side note: I'm also excited because my wonderful friend miss Sarah Crane will be moving back to San Francisco from Seattle on Sunday, let's just say I've missed her a lot, love this woman.

Anyway I hope all of you lovely readers have a fabulous rest of the week!

- Jordy


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