Jewel Tones & Mixed Layers

 Green jacket from H&M, blue long velvet vest is thrifted along with my metallic tote bag and the purple embroidered dress worn underneath, hat is from Target, boots are from Anthropologie, brass long ring is also from Anthropologie, other rock stone ring is from my old job at ROOST CO, other necklaces are thrifted but the bell necklace I handmade.

Hi Loves!

This outfit I put together on my day off from work so I wore something moody, layered, and a little bit complex. I love mixing colors and prints if you haven't noticed by now and one way I achieve that is to mix jewel tones together which always seems to work out well. Adding neutrals to break up a lot of color also helps create visual balance to one's outfit like I did here adding my brown boots, hat and matching bag but in a brown metallic. I'm also a fan of jewelry which I layered on as well to add pops of metallic elements. I kept my make up pretty neutral since my outfit was so colorful and crazy but a purple shadow and red lip with a touch of blush would've worked just as well here. Honestly, I was just feeling lazy and didn't feel like wearing a lot of makeup which is good to do sometimes in my opinion, let your bare face breath free from time to time ladies its good for the skin just be sure to apply sunblock of some kind or a nice BB cream works just fine.

If you're ever in the San Diego area and would like me to style some looks for you feel free to get in touch and visit me at my new job working as a fashion wardrobe stylist in Carlsbad Village at Ragz Dressware Inc. (aka RAGZ,  BLUES & SHOES and THE BEAT CLOTHING) and follow us social media as well:
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- Jordy


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