I Left My Heart In San Francisco

 Hi Loves!

Most if not all of these images are taken from my Instagram account @honey_lavender but I thought it would be fun to post my tidbits from my weekend in a photostrip type of style. 

Here's a glimpse of my weekend in San Francisco with my best friend Alex. I was able to visit with many old pals of mine (since I used to live here) I've just missed everyone so much. Together Alex and I drank, ate and roamed around the entire city from Dolores Park in the Mission district to Little Italy in North Beach, pretty much conquered it all. I also managed to attend another good friend's wedding on Sunday which took place in Golden Gate Park and the reception was in an old firehouse in Pac Heights. I had so much fun! 

Man it's awesome being single, free and loving life. 
I hope you enjoy taking a glimpse of my life this past weekend!

- Jordy

Wedding Season Styling Guide

Hi Loves!

I hope everyones week is going well so far. Today I just wanted to share this awesome website that has really clean and playful wedding attire designs. I love vintage inspired silhouettes and anything with a flowy bohemian goddess vibe which these looks below definately example that. I've included my polyvore accessory suggestions for these simple dresses to really take ones look to the next level. I truly believe that an outfit is not complete without the right accessories. The site also has a nice selection of accessories as well but I wanted to show how I would style some of these amazing pieces. If you need a  Wedding  or Bridesmaid or even a Party dress you should definitely take a look around their website.

Personally, I could see celebrities like Florence and The Machine rocking some of these looks just to even perform in or some of my old time favorite style icons like the Olsen twins sport one or two of these looks on the red carpet. Either way, I think you can take a beautiful piece like these boho inspired designs and make it your own. 

It's wedding season which means there's a lot of weddings happening this spring season at least that's what I'm realizing. I went to a wedding this past memorial day weekend in San Francisco. For those who follow me on Instagram probably already knew that though. With so many invitations and parties to attend it can get overwhelming so take a cue from these guys and let this guide you... 

Throw a flower crown on with this dress and loads of jewelry and voila! You're a beautiful bohemian bride ready to wed.

For the confident goddess type of lady try a look lke this one. I would've put the hair down curled it with maybe a statement necklace and nude pumps and a head piece perhaps. I can picture it now...

Love the 70's? Look no further, this is an amazing flowy romper that's elegant and looks like it would be comportable. Add more gold jewelry, a belt and big long 70's hair with a fringe purse and you're set!

These last two dresses are so classic and romantic and don't need much other than a statement necklace and a fun pump or wedge to elevate the whole look maybe a pop of color on the lips wouldn't hurt in hot pink or a classic red.

Is anyone a Great Gatsby fan? If you love the 1920's this only needs those long pearl strands, a headpiece and more jewelry and you're good to dance the night away...

This dress is just gorgeous, it's fail proof whatever you pair with a gorgeous gown like this. Maybe a beach wedding with sandals and mermaid curls would be ideal for a look like this..

There ya have it ideas and now you know where to look: http://www.aislestyle.co.uk/
Did I mention that they have very affordable prices as well? 

*This is a sponsored post

- Jordy


What is INK YOURSELF you ask?

Well, let me tell you...
 Ink Yourself was a free online Etsy sponsored workshop I won and participated in over 2 and a half years ago. As a result of my journey to keep evolving I try to contemplate and reflect on my old writing from time to time. I have a tendency to keep my old moleskines/notebooks and recently found these entries I wrote for myself.  I thought to myself, what a good blog post this would make, so here we are...
 I'm very hard on myself so writing reading these old journal entries tug at my heart strings a little bit since I realized that what I had originally written was no longer as relevant in my life so therefore I thought I'd reinvent myself and re-write new responses to the series I took part in. I encourage you readers to follow along with me in as I reflect and look ahead to my future life in goals, dreams, ambitions, thoughts and ideas for my future self. At the time I was quite engaged in my jewelry crafting which is something I'll be posting more and more about on here soon. So sit back and follow along as you read on and learn a little bit more about me and my strange little life as a "creative soul". 

Future Goals

6 Months:

Within the next 6 months I hope to take jewelry classes this fall in casting and advanced metalsmithing at my local community college (Palomar) to keep my creative juices flowing and to perfect my jewelry making skills. I hope to learn more skills in metal smithing to start creating handmade jewelry again. On a side note I'm thinking I'll also take some business classes in order to further my education in networking and profiting my products with hopes to expand my small business into something more than just a hobby...

1 Year:
In one year I hope to be making and selling my handmade jewelry designs as well as incorporating my styling skills with projects for this here blog. I hope to be selling my pieces at several local boutiques here in San Diego and hopefully get an actual Etsy shop up and running if all goes well. I also hope to attend a blogger conference or jewelry makers convention in order to network and grow into the creative community here in Southern California... 

3 Years:

In three years time I see myself either in school at FIDIM or attending San Marcos for my Bachelors Degree. I can also see myself heading into a different direction skipping the college route and just jumping into starting my business and perhaps doing a fundraiser or kick starter for my personal brand. Hopefully by then my blog and personal styling will be more advanced and lucrative so that I don't have to have a part time job. If I do have to have a part time job I hope it's one that will keep my creative job opportunities afloat as well. 

5 Years:

In five years I hope to be my own boss. One that can run her own business and has creative people around me in many aspects. I would like to have a job that I love and one that is successful and allows me to be myself. Weather than includes working with my mother, friends or with a lover as my business partner I'm up for the challenge. Perhaps I'll also be living in a different city like Portland, Austin or back up in San Francisco or in somewhere else in San Diego but more so downtown with my best friend. I'd like to have my own office and workspace and be able to have a dog that I can take on walks between meetings and creating.

- Jordy