Behind the Scenes: Temecula Wine Country

Hi Loves!

There's not too much to tell with the story behind these images, they kind of speak for themselves. I'm pretty proud of my little iphone 4s for snapping these bad boys so well. 

Lately I've been working with new photographers and helping them build their portfolios while I get some content for this here blog. So teaming up is a win win scenario especially when you're working with creative minds. I'll be introducing Julie my newest photographer friend in a future post. This next week I'll be getting some new work back from photographer Lacey Oltman so be on the lookout for more new outfits posts. 

These photos were taken in Temecula orange/lemon groves and wine country here in San Diego which is only a 30 minute drive from my current house so it was quite a delight to discover a new getaway day trip location. I'll definitely be headed back up again soon especially in the summertime. There were several wineries to tour up in the area and Julie and I ended up at Ponte Winery for our wrap up shoot celebration spot. We definitely treated ourselves and pretend to fit in with the socialite rich crown there. lol It was fun while it lasted maybe I can nail a date soon and have them take me back.... hmmm that would be nice.

- Jordy


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