Sunset Valley Orchids Nursery

Hi Loves!

You'll have to excuse me for posting this a little behind schedule but I thought it's better late than never...

To give you a little bit background behind these images which were taken with my iphone over two weeks ago, I snapped them while visiting an Orchid Nursery with my dad. I should probably mention to you readers that 1. Purple is my all time FAVORITE color and 2. Orchids are my all time FAVORITE  flowers so heads up future boyfriend/husband ... take note fellas ; )
Anyways, my father works part time for a landscaping job so he's always hunting down new little spots like this to do business with but this time he decided to take me and show me around to his secret hidden gem. I have to also mention that I felt like a little giddy girl with my dad walking around this place. He even let me pick out a rare blue orchid which to me looked like lavender so of course we HAD to buy it and take home. Naturally I picked out a lavender flower which was the native Venezuela flower. I had no idea that Venezuela would even have such a random unique flower much else an orchid. Guess you really do learn something new everyday.

This place was called SVO which stands for Sun Valley Orchids "Superior Hybrids for Orchid Enthusiasts" also home of the rare one of a kind black orchid which I thought was pretty cool. They are located here in San Diego at 1255 Navel Place Vista, CA, 92081 or call them to see if they are open at 760-639-6255

Well there you have it! I hope this brightened your day. If you like these kinds of posts of my daily adventures then please let me know, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

- Jordy


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