That Californian Glow

Hi Loves!

I hope your week is going well so far as we reach the hump day blues...
Today I just wanted to share an outfit and moment from last week when I adventured to a new an thrilling spot called, "The Mushroom Caves" with a new friend 
I'm not going to lie and keep this hidden San Diego hiking spot under wraps, the word is out folks. If you're looking for a view and a bit of an exploring adventure then I highly suggest you check out this trail and venture into the graphitti caves themselves. I wasn't able to get any photos from inside the caves themselves since the sun was setting and I didn't have enough lighting, that, and the fact I was trying to live in the moment and not be tied down by technology... 
Anyways if you're wondering where this place is I left a screenshot of where my "googlemap" said it was but if you pretty much just do a web search for "mushroom caves in San Diego" it will come up but it's not advertised since it's a locals secret. 

As for what I wore I kept it cute and simple with a vintage shirt, Pilcro Anthropologie shorts, thrifted belt and white converse shoes topped with a mix of my favorite handmade jewelry pieces and braids to keep my hair out of my face. 
For more on this look check out my LOOKBOOK.NU page: Got that Californian Glow

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- Jordy


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