Friends With Benefits

Hi Loves!

Today I just wanted to properly introduce a best friend of mine miss Alexandra Wesley. She's a very special friend who is someone that has always supported me and had my back through thick and thin over the years. You have probably recognized her by now from my other posts recently this year from our adventures in Joshua Tree to the San Francisco weekend we are pretty close to say the least (plus she's a great travel companion). We love to push each other to do things out of our comfort zone and so with this exciting post I simply wanted to announce that this amazing lady above will be launching a blog soon and it will be called something like, "Bar Wesley" so be on the look out for that folks. 
When the times comes for her big debut I'll be posting again to send you over her way so that you'll be able to check out her new site once it's up and running. 

In other news last week I had the pleasure of styling her for her new blog in a photoshoot with the one and only Julie Jones. I'll be revealing images from that creative project in a new post very soon.

 In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a wonderful first week of summer! 
Yay its here.

*note all images shown in this post are taken by Julie Jones

- Jordy


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