Neutral & Minimal

Hi Loves!

I Wore This outfit to my brother's 24th birthday dinner recently. It felt very bohemian but also very minimal and neutral since I wasn't wearing a bunch of colors for once. The most of this outfit is from where I work at Blues and Shoes in Carlsbad, San Diego. But as for the shoes which are vintage and the blouse which was thrifted my black lace pants and long beige vest are from Blues and Shoes. All my makeup I wear is MAC cosmetics and as well for my jewelry it pretty much vintage, thrifted or handmade. 

To get my hairstyle aka my lovely cut and color hit up my talented mother who has been a hairstylist for years miss Sue Jone at 858-449-7746 
She works in San Diego and is willing to travel and also make house calls. I'll be like her soon someday since I'm in beauty school right now at Bellus Academy in Poway, CA. 

I hope you enjoyed this look loves!

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- Jordy


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