Honey Lavender Designs Lookbook 2015


Hi Loves!!!

I'm thrilled to be able to post these images because this means my hard work is paying off. As many of you may know I have an upcoming pop up shop this week on August 26th downtown San Diego at The Whistle Stop hosted by Commune. I posted about it here to read more about it. 

So to fill you in I took these about a week ago with photographer Julie Jones of Jones and Company Photography in my spare art room. In the house I currently reside in there's an extra room which is dedicated to creating. In there I have my arts and craft supplies along with sewing machines, painting station my jewelry studio space and lot of natural light that floods in through two huge windows. During an early morning/afternoon session I worked alongside Julie to style my handmade jewelry pieces which are depicted above. I wanted to have an airy, clean yet vintage vibe to my work so that it would compliment my style and be cohesive. What you see above is a sample of the type of work I'll be selling at the pop up shop this  Wednesday August 26th at The Whistle Stop.

All these jewelry items and more will be featured during the event and are all one of a kind, handmade, locally sourced refurbished assembled creations. I focus of reusing old vintage costume jewelry and new ways to mix together and recycle what already exists. Being green and eco friendly is what initially fueled this jewelry making hobby of mine... and so it continues. 

So come on out and support your local artisans. I hope you all have enjoyed this post. 
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- Jordy

At Home With Jordan

Dress from Ragz Dressware, Spiked boots Jeffrey Campbell, blue vest is vintage and thrifted, MAC cosmetics makeup, ROOST CO. brass choker and matching cuff although the necklace can be found here at Anthropologie, and all other jewelry is a combination of ROOST, Blues and Shoes and handmade.)

Hi Loves!

You may or may not remember this post: HERE 
But I wanted to post these images above because it shows me in my safe space. I wish to show people how I take my personal style from the way I dress and how I incorporate it in the way I live. Yes I like Bohemian style, but I also like a lot of other styles as well such as vintage, tribal, minimalism and romantic touches as well. 

We often don't consider how our personal clothing style reflects on our home interiors but it has a lot to do with personalities and visuals. The things that we enjoy looking at in our daily lives should bring us joy and peace with the way we live. 
If you're sitting there thinking, "I have pretty good personal style, but my room is a mess" now, what does that say about you? Are you an artist? Do you need help organizing? Is it time to purge the un necessary? 

As for me, I know I didn't always love that way my personal space looked like but over the years I learned how to edit my surroundings. From the many moves I made thus far in my young adult life I've taught myself to only keep the things that speak to me, that mean something, and that are beautiful as they are functional. With these thoughts I live by. 
To mention a few things within the images above: I'll start with my collage wall that I'm standing in front of. Basically, those are my closet doors but I taped up all images from magazines, catalogs and clippings that I've collected over the years for inspiration. As a visual person, it helps me to envision what outfits I should put together or what I should do with my hair, or what I want to be on the lookout for next time I'm shopping. I use this wall as my real life Pinterest board. No joke.

Natural light also plays a huge factor in my living space. I love it when the sunlight pours into my windows and shines on my little plants, it just fills me with delight. Having white walls lets the soft light bounce off and gives me bedroom a glow especially in the wee hours of a late summer afternoon. 

Now I could go on and on but I think you've read enough of my rants. I fully believe in creating a space that suits your needs and fulfills your desires in a comforting way.

Cheers to starting off this week on a good foot and on the right side of the bed.

Take care dears.

- Jordy

Honey Lavender Designs Pop Up Shop

Hi Loves!

 I have some exciting news!!! I've been asked to feature some of my jewelry creations at San Diego's next COMMUNE event August 26th at The Whistle Stop.

I don't have much other info to give on the event yet other than that yet, but, I will say if you live in Southern California and are into supporting your local artists, drinking, shopping and meeting new other awesome consumers and creatives then mark you calendars!

Once I have more informations on the details of the upcoming event I'll be releasing it on here and my other social media channels. Just know that my jewelry making has been kicked into high gear lately and I've been crafting up a storm. 

To follow me closer on a weekly basis until the event be sure to follow me on Instagram @honey_lavender for daily tidbits and peeks at what I'm making.

On a side note, take a look at the website above to see when the next Commune event will be hitting your town. 

- Jordy

Bohemian Rocker