Looking Back But Moving Forward

What does it mean to be a STYLIST?

  1. 1. a designer of fashionable styles of clothing.
    • 2. a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films.

This is a question that I ask myself daily. 
As a person with so very many different design and styling talents it's quite to difficult to try and put myself in a box and label myself as one thing. In my millennial generation something I realized from working in the industry as a stylist on many levels I've come to the conclusion that it's acceptable and valued to have more than one set skill or career path. Most creatives like myself get bored easily with the mundane tasks sitting at desk brings, so what do we do? We daydream, create, work with our hands and play with textures, colors and just about anything related to the arts.
Why am I ranting on about this you ask?

Because lately I've been questioning myself wondering if I should try and stick to one thing and get really really good at it. But there's something holding me back, simply because I want to do it ALL. Or at least try it all before I fine tune the direct path in my career. I like mixing  things up all the time and even having this blog as my online creative journal to post my work and spread some love. I just want to put positive vibes out into the world no matter what or where I end up. Does anyone else feel me? 

So bottom line is whether or not I become a Cosmetologist full time, wardrobe stylist or even my pursue my love of jewelry and become a jewelry designer doesn't mean I can't perfect these areas if my life. So as long as you stick with me readers I'd be happy to continue to take you on this ride of self exploration. All I know is that these are all the things I love and are what keeps me going and pushing forward and onward. If you can't follow your life's passions then what's the point?

All images featured above are from my previous work experiences working in the industry as a stylist. From client one on one styling overhauls to online outfit planning to on set model styling, I've tried it all, well almost.

In a year from now who knows what's in store for me, stay and see...

- Jordy

Styling Jasmine Part Two



Hi Loves!

Welcome back to yet another manic monday. But here's some lovely visual eye candy I recently worked on. I hope you all enjoy these boho, ethnic looks that were put together for your very own viewing pleasure. You may remember this post from earlier this month working with Jasmine here. She's so beautiful and easy to work with so getting "the shot" was easy. Hopefully these inspire you and brighten your day.

In other news I have more projects underway and this week is especially exciting since it's San Diego Fashion Week! Whoo hoo. I'll be a hair model on Thursday representing my school Bellus Academy so be on the lookout for some behind the scenes pics and sneak peaks and follow me on Instagram (@honey_lavender) to follow along...

Model- Jasmine Perris
Photographer- Julie Jones
Wardrobe and makeup done by yours truly
Wearing- Stylists white blouse, Models own scarf as turban, white American Apparel suit bottom and white sandals from Forever 21, crop top from Urban Outfitters, vintage Kimono, rings and all other jewelry were my own sourced from various places like flea markets and thrift stores. Make up I used was all MAC cosmetics.

- Jordy

Workstyle: The Maxi Dress

Hi Loves!

I wanted to share this post with you all since I haven't done an #OOTD post in a while. So here you have it. I recently wore this look to work this past weekend which made me feel feminine and bohemian which are two things I just love. When an item makes you feel good about yourself there's no better remedy to fight the weekend blues in a pretty maxi dress and fun accessories. I truly enjoy mixing up my outfits and changing up my look all the time. You'll see me never wear the same look twice because I always switch it up. How do you dress on the daily?

Of course, if you're wondering what I'm wearing or where I got it from it's no secret. The dress is from RAGZ DRESSWARE, necklaces are from BLUES & SHOES and if you're ever in San Diego be sure to head to the stores there and come visit me. I'd love to style you and work with you on styling some new wardrobe looks together. I promise it will be fun!

- Jordy

Styling Jasmine Part One

Hi Loves!

Well hello again,

I'd like to introduce my new fabulous friend Jasmine Perris. She and I recently met at Bellus Academy where a few weekends ago we were doing some hair modeling. This year for San Diego fashion week Jasmine and I will be participating as hair models representing Bellus Academy. One of my instructors Roberta, is doing a series of updos and we happen to be some of the volunteers. It's fun and makes for cool project that we get to add to our portfolios so that's the perk I guess. But enough of that, let me tell you about the pictures above from my labor day weekend shoot with miss Jasmine. 

Picture this, you're at Oceanside beach in SD, CA it's warm but slightly breezy and it's the perfect time of day to pose in front of a camera. In comes miss Jasmine my new found friend who happily models for us while dancing in front of the summer sunset. She may be amature when it comes to modeling but can't you just see her glowing potential? I can. Which is why after meeting her I urged her to say yes to an impromptu photoshoot with my photographer of choice Julie Jones, of course. Together Julie and I have been dying to shoot a colorful ethnic boho wild look on someone other than myself so that's where I thought Jasmine would be the perfect fit for it. Funny now that I'm seeing a trend of "J" names in my life lately, interesting. 
Anyhow, we were able to shoot Jasmine for 3 different looks including this one above and I think they came out beautifully. I had such a great time styling the wardrobe and makeup looks on her while Julie worked her camera.

This is only the beginning though, I have some other projects headed your way readers. There two other looks from Jasmine I can't wait to share and a new photo shoot in the works with a co worker and multiple models... 

As far as credits go:
Model- Jasmine Perris
Photographer- Julie Jones
Wardrobe and makeup done by yours truly
Wearing- Models own scarf as turban, white American Apparel suit bottom and white sandals from Forever 21, crop top from Urban Outfitters, vintage Kimono, rings and all other jewelry were my own sourced from various places like flea markets and thrift stores. Make up I used was all MAC cosmetics.

- Jordy

Jordan's September Playlist

The Weekend

Taken By Trees

El Perro Del Mar

Washed Out

* all images taken from Pinterest.com

Hi Loves!

just some of my favorite music artist right now. 
So in love with their sounds and others below featured in my playlist, click to listen:

- Jordy

Not A Beauty School Dropout


Hi Loves!

Welcome weekend and goodbye summer. 
I really feel like this year has been flying by, like a humming bird searching for nectar nearby. lol. 
Well well well, I can't believe I'm in beauty school, can you? It makes a lot of sense though when I think about it since it combines all things I love and enjoy doing already. I've been in school since June of this year and will graduate next September 2016 whoo hooo! I can't wait. I just cut my brothers hair this past Friday and I must say it turned out quite well. 
I wanted to share with you all my weekly practices and show the people that love me enough to use them as models. Oh how I love my friends. I won't ever take for granted for the fact that I'm a huge people pleaser and I guess it's taken me 25 years to realize it. It delights me so much to make people happy and for them to feel beautiful. I get a kick out of it which probably explains why I'm loving beauty school. And on that note, let me tell ya this lady WILL NOT DROP OUT that's for sure.

In regards to the images shown above the first 8 pictures are from school and paid gigs where I've been practicing blow outs, hair styling, updos and haircuts. The next group are the models I've been working with lately like my girl Jasmine, customer and friend Brett, co worker stylist Astrid and some of my Instructors from Bellus Academy as well. 

Lately it's been a lot of fun assisting my mother who is a hairstylist for our " mother daughter wedding" hairstyling gigs. I've also been grateful for the opportunity doing makeup for Astrid's 90's fashion show she hosted as well as my on going shooting collaborations with photographer Julie Jones. Bring it on opportunity!!!

There's some tricks up my sleeve and I can't wait to share what I have in store for you readers so check back and be sure to follow me for more current updates...

- Jordy

Pop Up Shop with Commune

Hi Loves!

With this post I just wanted to share with you all some of the photos from my pop up shop I had last month with Commune at The Whistle Stop.

There were quite a few people that came out for the evenings event and I got to make a handful of new friends and make many customers very happy with my handmade jewelry. In my opinion, it was quite a hit, I had a successful night selling over half of my merchandise!!!
 I was quite pleased with how things went and would love love love to do something like this again, let alone be in more craft fairs and pop up shops in the future. 
So bring it on!

To anyone who crafts, makes art and sellable goods this is a great way to get yourself out there and network. If Commune comes to your town be sure to check it out, it's worth seeing what all the commotion is about.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!

- Jordy