Workstyle: The Maxi Dress

Hi Loves!

I wanted to share this post with you all since I haven't done an #OOTD post in a while. So here you have it. I recently wore this look to work this past weekend which made me feel feminine and bohemian which are two things I just love. When an item makes you feel good about yourself there's no better remedy to fight the weekend blues in a pretty maxi dress and fun accessories. I truly enjoy mixing up my outfits and changing up my look all the time. You'll see me never wear the same look twice because I always switch it up. How do you dress on the daily?

Of course, if you're wondering what I'm wearing or where I got it from it's no secret. The dress is from RAGZ DRESSWARE, necklaces are from BLUES & SHOES and if you're ever in San Diego be sure to head to the stores there and come visit me. I'd love to style you and work with you on styling some new wardrobe looks together. I promise it will be fun!

- Jordy


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