Setting Intentions



*Make 20+ new jewelry pieces for pop up shop coming up in November with collaborator Commune @jointhecommune

*Make 20 or so soy wax candles with the two pounds of soy wax and 50 wicks I bought last year as a DIY project. Make the candles this year in mason jars with signature scents to give as gifts for the holidays... Gotta jump on this soon so I don't do it last minute this year.

*Invest in buying more makeup pallets to help build my "freelance" makeup kit. Look into Sephora holiday specials coming up and well as the contouring kits from Ulta beauty as well as MAC cosmetics eye shadow pallets. They have some really great 40.00 sets right now and I want to buy them all... ugh my poor wallet

*Join DoTerra essential oils company and practice the aroma touch massage technique on friends and family to grow in the practice. Also I'd like to have a pop up oil both for Communes next event as well in November so I can sell the oils and my jewelry : ) That's going to be a fun challenge!

*Do more photo shoots with styling, makeup,hair and outfit posts with Julie Jones and friends in order to continue to build my portfolio. Gotta stay busy and creative people.

*Kick my butt into shape by going to Core power yoga weekly. I have no excuse now since I just bought a groupon for only $75 for a month of unlimited yoga with Corepower. Theres still a few days left guys if you want to buy that deal, it's worth it.

*Book flights to NYC for New Year's eve with the bestie and to Portland for my birthday in January next year. Currently researching how to a credit cards with points so that I can work the system and fly for free, any suggestions people?

- Jordy

San Diego Fashion Week: Hair Modeling for Bellus Acadmey

*note all watermarked images were taken from the SDFW Facebook page 

Hi Loves!

How has your weekend been so far?
 Mine's been quite relaxed and since I had today off I just did things for myself by sleeping in and getting some errands done. In other news I just thought you sweet readers would like to take a look into how I kicked off fashion week for October here in San Diego. 

I have to say I loved every minute of it in case you can't tell from my sassy attitude in the pictures above. Being in beauty school certainly has it's perks that's for sure. That day on October 1st I was a volunteer model for my beauty school, Bellus Academy Poway location and boy was it a looong day. I arrived early in the morning at 10:00 am and didn't leave till 8:00pm needless to say there was a lot of sitting and waiting and glamping happening in that powder room before the show. But I think it was all worth it. I was lucky enough to meet Ted Gibson celebrity hairstylist and vidal sasson's daughter so that was cool. I also want to mention that I was a tad sneaky and had one of the models in the show wear a pair of my handmade earrings and they totally made the whole look come together. You can see above its the picture of the hispanic brunette with the bangs and berry lips, doesn't she look lovely? My instructor Roberta Archer aka @singnroberta the blonde in the images above is the fantastic hairstylist that styled our updos and the makeup was done by Sonia Tabor @soniatabor.

Now I could go on and go and share with you all the gory details about that day but as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words" so i'll just leave it at that and call it a night. : )

Until next time!

- Jordy

HL Jewelry Collaboration with photographer Jonathan Sevilla & Team

Photographer: Jonathan Sevilla
Makeup: Nicole Aguiar
 Hair: Myra Estrada
Model: Caitlin
Earrings: Jordan Jones

Hi Loves!

I know for weeks now I've been talking about this jewelry collaborative shoot I worked on a little while ago, and so here you are. These are just a few images that have been released from the shoot and so I just wanted to share them with you lovely readers so you can see what I was actually talking about. There may be more down the road to be published but until then take a look HERE if you haven't had the chance to check out the video from the shoot itself. 

Well that's all for now folks, I'll be posting more and more so until next time loves!
Hope you all are have a fantastic week!

- Jordy

Styling Jasmine: Beauty Head Shots


Julie's special turban from her travels abroad, vintage 70's printed top, Leopard print crop top (worn underneath) from Urban Outfitters, Free People statement necklace, stylists own earrings and costume rings. All makeup is MAC cosmetics.

Hi Loves!

I'm back again but this time to share with you lovely readers these "beauty shots" I created with Jasmine and Julie. We were going for colorful / vibrant / vintage / tropical / dramatic / boho type of theme lol. So this is how it all came together, gorgeous and green. 
Sorry if this text seems awkward and out of it, I've been up all day and participated in the Bellus Academy San Diego Fashion Week event this evening. So there's that, I was so inspired by the looks I saw on all the hair models this evening especially Ted Gibson's looks, demos and pep talks. I was just so pumped that I thought why not write a blog post and share with the whole wide web my last look I did with Jasmine from our previous shoot at 1am, lol. You gotta make the time when you can folks, don't judge me...

I love how this feels and how she can wear her emotions and facial expressions right on her sleeve, I hope that makes sense. But you feel me? yeah. 
This set of images is the last of my set I did working with Julie and Jasmine from that labor day weekend photo shoot, but, I do have more shoots coming. Next week I'll be working with my co worker and stylist partner in crime Astrid to put together some rad creative looks on four models in a secret TDB location where I'll be doing the hair and makeup and Julie will most likely be shooting the looks. So yay! There's more goodness on its way. I'll keep it coming if you spread the love and like my Instagram posts, comment and help give me any feedback, kay? deal.

Model- Jasmine Perris
Photographer- Julie Jones
Makeup / Wardrobe / Accessories Styling- Yours truly

- Jordy