Black Friday

Black embellished coat from Anthropologie, Boots from H&M, high waisted pants and blouse from my work at The Beat Clothing, Necklaces are a collection of my own creations and gifts, MAC makeup except for my new liquid lipstick by Stila purchased at Sephora. Hair color by my mom but styled by me.

Hi Loves!

Yes, Black Friday certainly will be the death of me...
I'm getting real tired of always having to work holidays being in retail but hey a girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do in order to get by. This Friday I'll be working an early shift to help tame the foot traffic and to tackle the crowds of shopaholic insanity. 

Uhhhhg, I just gotta get through this, then it will be Christmas already and then New Years will be here in a second. I can't wait to solely focus on my trip I have planned but till then it's back to the daily grind of work, school and dressing like I'm going to my own funeral all the time... 
Just kidding sort of, since I do have to wear all black while I'm in beauty school at Bellus Academy every freakin weekday at night. But the real story about this chic look depicted above was due to an assistant job I worked with my pal and fashion stylist Kristi Brooks a few weeks back. I wore the look above to a fitting we had to do for some models where I was able to help her pull looks for an upcoming fashion show, which I'll be reporting on soon btw.

Until then I'm off to sell some stuff to people that don't need it : )

haha yes I'm bitter about work right now. I have to work like this every year, needless to say I'm looking forward to finishing beauty school so I can create my own schedule with clients and work on my terms.

Sorry for my rants, thanks for listening.

Love you guys!

- Jordy


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