Smoking Kills My Boner: Commune Farewell Event 2016

Hi Loves!

As promised here are some photos from my pop up shop event with from this past Wenday. It was a huge hit! Everyone had such a blast and people were very interested in the handmade jewelry I was selling and the Do Terra Essential Oils my friend Gina Cooper was sharing with all the party attendees. The turnout was quite a lively crowd and by the end of them night our raffle was a lot of fun, I even won a limited edition poster, so that was pretty rad. 

If you're reading this and have no clue by now what Commune is, well I'll tell ya, it's an anti smoking research and education campaign targeting the youth and millennial generation. This farewell event however was the last for San Diego but the Commune Wensdays will contiune on in other cities and towns across the US so to learn more and to see when the next event is headed your way you can learn more by checking out their website:

They tend to work with local artisans, musicians, and artists as vendors which is why/how I got involved in the first place. I went to a Commune event about two years ago at The Elbow Room back up in San Francisco to help man the both of my jewelry maker friend Sarah Fredericks of Goldilocks designs and everything else is history from there...

So there ya have it. 
Thank you to all those involved in the Commune SD Farewell event and to all who made it out to come and support the cause. 

Until next time! 
We will just have to wait and see what other tricks I have up my sleeves. 

*all photos taken by Alan Nakkash

- Jordy

A Beautician In The Making

Hello Loves!

I know it's been a minute, phew what a week it's been am I right?
I've been going through some personal changes in my life lately and haven't had as much time lately committing myself to writing posts as frequently as I would like but hey I guess that's just the life of a creative getting the best of me.
Anyways... I recently found all these images in my phone and thought it would be fun to share them with you all so you can see all that I've been up to. In regards to my hair cutting, coloring and styling skills the images above showcase these are the kind of clients I've been working with lately. From different ages, different hair types to different overall ethnicities I've been experimenting with it all. I hate to put a limit to myself in what I do as you many of you may already know by now if you've been following this blog for some time. I hope it's been interesting seeing this progression I've been taking on since I've started this blog over 3 years ago now. 

As far as the images go the sets you see of multiple angles are my after shots, for some reason I don't enjoy taking before photos all that much because I like to focus on how beautiful someone looks after I'm finished with them. It's more fun for me to see a showcasing of my work in a group shot like you see above. It's nice to be able to show you what I'm capable of. This hair thing is still new and challenging most of the time but the more I do the better I get. 
Practice makes perfect. 

Bellus Academy has been a second home to me now for almost a year. It's where I spend more than half my time nowadays and it's strange to think I'll be done with school this fall in September. I'm still not sure where I'll end up and how exactly I'll use my cosmetology license but all I do know is that it will take me places and there will always be work to be had. Reminders like this lately are what keeps me going since this is a strong constant in my life currently. Jobs may change, friends many come and go and so will the guys... but here is where I'm meant to be right now. 
Thanks for hearing me out readers and for listening to my rants, wishes and ups and downs.

Till next time!!!

I'll be reporting back soon from the recent pop up shop I had this week, so stay tunned for that.

- Jordy

Pop Up Shop Announcement

Hi Loves,

So once again I'm back with a new pop up show this month on Feb. 24th next week showcasing my new jewelry designs and I'll also have an essential oils both set up as well. With the help of my rep from Do Terra Oils and my wellness advocate skills I'll not only be selling my handmade jewelry but I'll also have good smells all around to purchase as well.

This sadly is the last event for San Diego's commune community, so that means it will be your last and final chance to come out and support other local artists and hear some good music with a local IPA in hand. 
To learn more details for the event check out this LINK to the Facebook page where you can rsvp.

I hope to see you all there!!!

Now, let's have an awesome week shall we? So long Valentine's day...

- Jordy

Paul Mitchell Color Competition 2016


Hi Loves!

Ever curious what it looks like when creatives in the beauty industry come together? 

Well now you all have a glimpse into my life. This week has flown by so fast and in the midst of it all I managed to squeeze in a makeup job for this lovely team you see above. What I love about being a jack of all trades when it comes to beauty and styling is that when a friend needs something I can happily jump in and take what comes my way. This collaboration happened through a referral (a friend of a friend recommend me to this team and boy am I grateful). It's so hard for me to say no to any opportunity up my alley when the chance comes along. YOLO guys. 

So on some backstory on why this model has crazy fantasy colored hair and fairy makeup is because it was for a submission for the Paul Mitchell hair color competition that my newfound hairstylist friend Stacy Wood from a Paul Mitchell salon in Vista, SD called Hair Body and Soul. You can follow her on her instagram account as well to see what she's all about @stacyscissorhands83 

The hair and makeup model Kat I also found very interesting. Miss Katherine Robershaw is in a punk rock band called The Pictographs and also has a podcast called, This Is Your Brain On Punk. Her husband who was also there taking pictures of everything goes by the name of Jon Robershaw  you can find his work on Face Book or follow him on Instagram as well @wingwham to see more of his photography.

The hair stylist you see above the blonde named Stacy will use the studio photos for her entry into the Paul Mitchell color competition and hopefully she wins. I'd love to see my makeup job on the cover of a magazine, featured on the Paul Mitchell website and also on the social media campaign, so fingers crossed. 

I really enjoyed working with these professionals and feel so blessed to have made new friends in the industry. 

I almost forgot, Happy Valentines Day Lovers!!!

- Jordy

Film Is Not Dead

Hi Loves!

I'm back....
 but this time with images I've been wanting to share with you all for over a month now. I can't believe it. I just recently got this film developed from my local Walgreens in order to see the rest of my pictures from my trip to Nashville. Now, if you have been reading this blog for a while now you probably already know all about this trip of mine. It was beyond, EPIC, you can read about it HERE if you'd like to find out more details...

On a side note I really enjoyed shooting with film and I'm thinking I'll put up some more posts of past work I used to shoot and some new film on here as well. I'm thinking especially in March when I'll be going to Portland, I'll definitely have my film camera in hand for that adventure as well, I can;t wait to keep documenting y life through images. We are such visuals nowadays anyways. I'm looking forward to traveling alone and experiencing a new city when the time comes. 

If you're wondering what disposable film camera I used you can buy it HERE from the Urban Outfitters website

That's it for now millennials! 
Check back again soon for more new content...

- Jordy