Hi Loves! 

Hows your week so far? Good I hope. Well I wanted to share with you all some tidbits from my trip I had two weekends ago when I was up in Portland. As you can probably see I had a great time running around the whole city from the mountains to the nitty gritty downtown venues. I don't even know where to start to tell you about my trip in Neverland, all I know is that I so badly want to move there for certain now. The only question is when which I'll be sure to follow up with updates on that down the road. 

So the first few days I was there I stayed in Northwest Portland with my friend Jenna and her partner Eli for two nights. They took me for waffle sandwiches, and on an adventure to see some beautiful waterfalls only a few miles outside the city which was spectacular, you can get a taste of what sights I saw from the pictures above, pretty rad stuff if you ask me. I loved how green and fresh everything was, the tap water was even some of the freshest best tasting water I have ever had in comparison to San Francisco's H2O, random I know but I thought it would be cool to share. I learned that Jenna and Eli are unique creative souls making and selling their handmade laser cut wood jewelry at festivals was how they earned their living up in Portland. You can check out their stuff HERE if you're curious I highly recommend it. 

The other two nights I stayed with another old friend of mine Emily Black who is also from San Diego like me. We meet when we used to work together at a cafe back in SF called Cole Valley Cafe several years back and remained buds ever since. A lot has changed and we've definitely grown up quite a bit but man she sure knew how to show a gal a good time. Between brunch at Nord, shopping on 23rd street our evening adventures to Rogue brewery, Sassy's and Rontoms I had a blast. Meeting locals and making new friends from all around as well as a handful of my fellow SF natives like Sara Crane, and Emily's friends she introduced me to Daniel Christopher, Brooke Hunt and Ross Pergiel it was good company all around.

I love it so much up there. I really felt like it's where I'm meant to end up after beauty school. So stick around and continue to follow me and see what the future holds...

More to come from this trip!!! I have a film camera I took pictures with so I'll be getting it developed ASAP and posting the images on here very soon. 

Check back in later loves!

- Jordy

Wild Wild West

Hat from The Stone Pony, White blouse from Anthropologie, Jeans from Madewell, Poncho is vintage, boots are from Blue & Shoes as well as the ring, bracelet is from ROOST CO. and my makeup is mostly MAC cosmetics except my lips are a liquid lipstick from Stila.

Hi Loves!

I felt it was about time for a new outfit post, so here we are. 
Recently I found about this spectacular location called the cactus theater here in Escondido which was only 15 mins from my place, so of course I had to check it out... 
Last week before my trip I took to Portland my good friend/photographer and I went on a little adventure to find this magical cactus garden. Boy were we happy with the results. It's just stunning if you ask me, all the green, yellow and pops of orange just took my breath away since it was all cactus plants and a few succulents. This place is actually quite interesting since it's a plant nursery on this welcoming man's property who kindly let us take a few photographs that warm afternoon. 

Want to see more?
 Well you're in luck because I actually have a whole other session coming your way from another look we shoot that day. I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel the sense of spring upon us. I'm so thrilled with how western this feels and to think it was basically in my own backyard, sometimes living in California really surprises me with it's landscapes. 

Be sure to stay posted, I have new things to share with you readers coming up very soon within the next few weeks. 
Happy early Easter, btw. 
Welcome Spring Equinox!

Till next time...

Note* All Images taken and edited by photographer Julie Jones of http://www.jonesphotographycompany.com/

- Jordy

City Of Roses

 (My friend Sara and I from a past flea market trip we took together, she was contemplating buying that dresser... Which she totally ended up buying btw)

Hi Loves!

So it's time I make a new announcement for an upcoming trip that's on my horizon... 

I'm Portland Bound in about a week or so. March 18th I'll be boarding on a jet plane solo to head up to the "City of Roses" where I'll be meeting up with a special friend of mine miss Sara Crane. Together we will be destroying and taking over the city for the weekend and I couldn't be any more excited. Truth be told this is actually my birthday gift from my parents this year, for my 26th birthday I only asked for a plane ticket to explore Portland in hopes of getting a glance of what it would be like to live there. My plan is to hit up multiple salons, neighborhoods and mingle amongst the locals in the city's speciality coffee shops, and hipster streets with wide eyes and an open heart and mind. This time next year if all goes according to plan I'll hopefully be moving there. San Diego is nice and all but I feel like I'm not meant to stay here. I left a piece of my heart up in San Francisco and it's time to see if the Pacific Northwest is where I truly am meant to end up, where I'll start my career and hit the "refresh button" on my life while I'm still in my 20's...

Now let's talk Hotspots shall well?
Here's a current list of some places I'm hoping to hit up while I'm in town for 5 days and 4 nights:

6. Sassys... don't judge me a friend recommended this one to me
7. Teardrop lounge (cocktail bar)
8.Clyde Common (domestic and foreign cooking)
13. House of Vintage (Oh you better believe I'll be hitting up this place!) 
14. Red Light Clothing Exchange (In the Hawthorne district) 

That's all I have so far, so if you have any good secret spots I need to hit up or any personal favorite Portland places I have to check out your recommendations would be much appreciated.

Till next time loves!

- Jordy