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I'm very thrilled to share with you all this feature I recently wrote on blogger Nihan Gorkem for the www.sandiegostylebloggers.com website. Please check my final draft and edited version from the SD Style Blogger Editor which will be up on the site soon: http://www.sandiegostylebloggers.com/ 
I'm a features contributor for the community so I hope you all enjoy! I loved getting to know the lovely lady shown below:
Here's what I found out...

Jordan here from jjhoneylavender.com and today I'm very excited to introduce to you my new friend and fellow blogger Nihan Gorkem of Style With Nihan

Q: What got you inspired to get into the industry you're thriving in now? Any muses? Role models? - Jordan

A: My passion for styling and design got me into the fashion industry, but I honestly don't have any true "role models". Of course I follow a bunch of style bloggers, but I am my own muse :) Especially since the fashion blogging scene is pretty saturated, I try not to look at others' blogs too often so that I'm not being influenced away from my own unique style. - Nihan

Q: Tell something most people wouldn't know about you right off the bat. Do you have any hidden quirks or unusual hobbies or things that interest you, why? -Jordan

A: Maybe that I’m Turkish? I also have a deep interest in the Japanese culture and the country itself. I finally visited the country for the first time last year and now my next life goal is to move to Japan! Another unusual hobby is digital marketing which is also my job. Even when I’m not working, you’ll find me reading marketing related news/books or listening to podcasts. - Nihan

 Q: Name three things your looking forward to about this year and explain why. -Jordan

1.     Traveling to at least three countries that I haven’t been before. I just came from Costa Rica, so that was number 1. The next two places that are in my travel list are Bali and Maldives.
2.     Growing my digital marketing company which I started early this year.
3.     Moving back to San Diego at the end of April! I missed San Diego’s chill and peaceful vibes after living in LA (city of craziness) for a year. - Nihan

Q: I know you're based in LA now but I have to ask while you lived and went to school in San Diego what are a few of your favorite spots you enjoyed frequenting here? From shopping to food to venues for shows we'd love to know... - Jordan

 A: · Favorite restaurants: Puesto, Okan Wa Dining (A Japanese restaurant in Convoy Street) and Cafe Sevilla are only some of my favorites.
· Shopping: I really liked shopping at Fashion Valley and UTC. Most of my favorite stores are in these malls and I really like the laid back and stress-free vibes of both malls. Especially after living in LA, I appreciate the ease of parking and shopping in these malls even more.
· Sunset watching: Coronado Beach, La Jolla Children’s Pool and Encinitas. -Nihan

Q: What some words of wisdom or advice you wish a mentor would have told you when you first started your blog? Are there any things you learned and complications you have overcome? - Jordan

A: ·I wish I had a mentor who told me that if I want to do something, I should just go for it! To stop making excuses and make it happen. I have regrets about not starting my blog 8 years ago, when I first wanted to launch it. There weren’t a lot of fashion bloggers back then and it was a great opportunity to show yourself in the blogging and fashion worlds. Nowadays there are just too many blogs and it’s really hard to differentiate yourself from other bloggers. 
· There are tons of things that I learned and one I’d like to share is find a niche and make this the theme for your blog. Use this to differentiate yourself from other blogs. -Nihan

Q: How would you describe your style? How do you get dressed in the morning? -Jordan

A: · I would describe my style as always chic, romantic, trendy, versatile, sometimes edgy and always comfortable. I am a big trend-lover. I always look up new trends, create collages for myself to get inspired for my blog and future outfit posts. You would see me wearing different trends all the time and incorporating these trends with older trends or pieces that I already have. - Nihan

Q: What are your plans for the future with your career and style evolution? Where do you see yourself in 3 years? 

A: After working for my own and traveling for a year or so, I might go back to the full-time work life again to work for big media and fashion companies like Refinery29, PopSugar or Vogue Japan since I’ll be living in Japan in three years :) I will probably evolve into a mix of Harajuku girl, Turkish girl and California girl at that point and experiment with all of these influences in my style :) -Nihan

 Connect with Nihan:

Thanks for reading, and thank you Nihan! Until next time.

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Wild In The Wilderness

Wild In The Wilderness

From top to bottom, my favorite new pink Brixton hat found HERE denim 90's jacket from a thrift store, halter high low spring dress from Anthropologie find similar ones HERE gold metallic booties from ALDO, body chain and other cuffs found at Blues and Shoes, Roost Co. and lastly the new "It" bag of my obsession a Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag.

Hi Loves!

I know I'm a day late but HAPPY EARTH DAY everyone : )
I hope all my readers are enjoying their weekend and enjoying the beautiful spring weather like I am. I'm also very excited to share with you all today a new outfit shoot I recently took with none other than my other creative half miss Julie Jones of Jones Photography Co.  On a side note read her interview HERE.

She did a wonderful job capturing the gorgeous landscape on these images we took which in all honestly was a brilliant session since we killed two birds with one stone. We scouted this location several weeks back when we took outfit images from these two photo shoots: Desert Cactus Theater & Wild Wild West it was along the drive and we thought it would be the perfect place to some future photo shoot ideas. So there ya have it, making stuff happen! 

Pretty much I kinda felt like I was a little girl again picking wildflowers and froclicing around in the tall wild grass, taking deep breaths embracing the warmth of spring and all it's beauty. There's something so freeing being in the wilderness. Words can't describe the feeling of freedom one gets filled with in such natural beauty especially with it being right in your own backyard. We should give gratitude and thanks for what nature has given us greedy humans. Do yourself a favor this month and go on a hike, walk around in the dirt, sand, mud or grass barefoot and get grounded people. It's good for you after all, it's good for your soul because getting in tune with the earth and appreciating it is what this month is all about...

- Jordy

My Not Going to Coachella Playlist

The title is self explanatory...

- Jordy

Into the Desert

Desert Cactus Theater

A Vintage smock dress from one of my favorite vintage store Wasteland, Knee High Jeffrey Campbell Boots from Free People, and thrifted collection of my own jewelry and my makeup is mostly MAC cosmetics except my lips are a liquid lipstick from Stila.

Hi Loves!
As promised here's my second look from my recent photoshoot with photographer Julie Jones at a local cactus nursery here in San Diego, CA and they turned out pretty magical, in my opinion. I hope you like these images as well and feel inspired by the season. Spring is fully in swing especially here in sunny San Diego. One thing I love about living in California is the fact that there are all kinds of landscapes everywhere. From the mountains, desert, beach and all in between I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful landscape all around me. 
This reminds me of my hike I went on this past weekend with my new partner in crime. We hiked Lake Hodges for about 2-3 hours and took in all the natural beauty around us and I just loved every minute of it. I can't wait for a new adventure on the horizon. There's this hiking spot in Julian called the Twin Sisters Waterfall Trail I've been wanting to check out, has any of you readers been before? I would love to hear about your hiking adventures, please feel free to share. 
Perhaps one day I'll make it to slab city and all the other forests Southern California has to offer. I mean I might as well enjoy it right before I up and move to Portland eventually.

With all that said I hope you all have an adventurous week and get the chance to enjoy the sunshine!

- Jordy

Urban Barn Now Carrying HL Jewelry

Hello Loves!

I have some exciting news to share with you all today. For the past few weeks I was in the process of getting my handmade jewelry creations to sell on consighnment in a local boutique called
Urban Barn. They are located here in Escondido, SD, CA and it's only 5 mins from my house and I'm stoked about it. One of the owners named Linda helped me out getting it all set up and on display in the shop behind the cash register which is the images you are seeing above. I have to say that she did a great job presenting my brand very well. I just love being apart of a local shop community and it feels so good to have my creations in an actual shop once again. 

I used to sell my handmade Honey Lavender brand in a few stores back up in San Francisco ( Belljar SF and The Stone Pony ) when I used to live there several years back. Now, since I'm currently located here in San Diego I thought I'd make the best of it and I'm so glad I have teamed up with Urban Barn. They have such a cool vibe it's like a cross between a flea market, antique store and creative prop paradise. I just LOVE the place and have been often frequenting since moving back to San Diego over a year ago. 

If you're curious to see my jewelry in person you'll find earrings, necklaces, body chains, hand pieces and bracelets for sale all one of a kind, unique and made with love.
Please note that all of my jewelry I made is what I like to consider "Re-assembled artwork" since a lot of what I make is out of other vintage costume jewelry pieces and found objects remade into something completely new and different. 

So by all means please visit Urban Barn as soon as you can, you won't be disappointed, it's a magical place. 

Here's their location:

Here's their site:

Urban Barn on Facebook:

- Jordy