MUD Cosmetics Makeup Photoshoot

Hello Readers!

Today is special because for those of you who follow me on Instagram (@honey_lavender) have probably already seen sneak previews of my model in the above pictures. Meet Hannah Beard, my face modeling my take on a 90's grunge makeup look

A bit of fun facts about miss Hannah:
1. She's actually an Esthetician in training at Bellus Academy Beauty school
2. She used to be a competitive cheerleader for California All Stars (like me) back in the day
3. She has a septum ring like me
4. She's the sweetest, it was a pleasure working with her

As far as credits go:
Photographer- Jonathan Sevilla
Model- Hannah Beard
Makeup Artist- Jordan Jones
Wardrobe styling & jewelry- Jordan Jones

*Side note these images are in the raw are untouched and in their purest form

- Jordy


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