James Coffee Co. (Couples series part 2)

Grant- Denim button up from Urban Outfitters, Boots from Clarks, Jeans are from Rogue Territory, beanie from Dark Horse Coffee Co. 
Jordan- Long floral maxi dress and hat from Metaphor Boutique, black flats from Ragz Dressware

Hi Loves!

I hope your holidays have been fantastic, there's been lots of love and smooches to go around lately. I've been spending lots of quality time with family and close friends and I've loved every minute of it. It's so crazy how fast life has been going by, I feel like I blinked and the holidays are just about all over now and soon we will be starting a new year, it's all so CRAZY!!!

In continuation of the "couples series" today I wanted to share these sweet images of my boo and I doing our usual thing depicted above on our coffee date at James Coffee Co. My wonderful boyfriend, Grant Thomas and I posed for our friends photographers Julie Jones and Jonathan Padilla inside this cool coffee space in Little Italy on a mid Sunday afternoon.

Regarding the cute outfit I'm wearing, I wanted to shout out a HUGE thank you to my friend Kasey Kathleen @kasekathleen from Metaphore Boutique in downtown Vista, CA for the jewelry and dresses showcased in this shoot.

Until Next time...


LocationBalboa Park, SD, CA

- Jordy

Light In the Box

Today I just wanted to share a quick little peek of some new goodies from a wonderful online company called Light In A Box.

This month I received these two beautiful dresses in the mail and they fit me to perfection, were good quality and had so many styling options. I'll definitely be posting a new outfit post within the new few weeks in these bad boys, so be sure to keep a look out for that. 
I don't want you lovely readers to miss out of their amazing deals right now because their site is full of really cute items that are definitely worth checking out, here's the link to Light In A Box (just click the link and you will not be disappointed). 

In case you wanted to get these sweet dresses yourselves:

The vintage inspired Gold and floral Dress 
The Retro fitted black sheath dress

I wanted to shout out a thank you to Valerie from Light In The Box for this collaboration. Again, I didn't want you to miss out on any of the deals so please check out their site, who know's maybe you'll find you New Years Eve dress if you act fast!!!

My Favorite Speciality Coffee Shops in San Diego

Listed In No Particular Order:

Hi Loves!
Today this post is coming from a place of curiosity, passion and obsession. When a hobby and job become one everything starts to mesh together.  It's time to talk coffee and not just any kind of plain ole coffee more specifically speciality coffee or 3rd wave coffee if you prefer to call it. This industry has an extremely special place in my heart because I love coffee and can not live without it. I work part time in this world at The Kettle Coffee and Tea as well as my boyfriend who also works full time at Zumbar coffee and Tea. It's a small world and even smaller industry because us baristas all seem to know each other, date each other and are each other's best friends which creates a very tight knit community so if you get the chance for an invitation into this scene do not take it for granted. If you are in any way, a coffee connoisseur and mis treat or are rude to your barista then expect to hardly get a smile from them or ask for drinks not listed on the menu like "starbucks versions" then you can expect an annoyed remark explaining the differences between corporate coffee and specialty small business coffee. It's time to get coffee educated people! Okay so let me get back on track here, listed above are my favorite listed places I've been to which is mostly depicted in the photos above. Now if you need a guide on what to order at these spots look no further, I have included my favorite items to order from each of these places, so to cut straight to the chase and give you all the 411...

1. Kettle Coffee & Tea- My usual is a honey lavender latte and a breakfast sandwich, you can't go wrong ordering at this place, it's worth the wait. My favorite tea drink is the Honeybell Blossom Tea with honey and Lavender syrup topped off with steamed Almond milk, yumm!!!

2. Zumbar Coffee & Tea- A local spot you can always find me stopping in on the weekends, I tend to order their Cold Brew (which I call liquid crack) and a chocolate chip walnut cookie or a Quad shot Mocha with a plain croissant... Nothing beats a local shop where you can taste the freshness of the coffee which always takes me to my happy place.

3. Ironsmith Coffee Roasters- I kinda have a love affair with this place I love it soo much. A teacher told me about this newer coffee spot about a year ago located along the coast in Encinitas so it's always a treat going here. The owner Matt is a really nice guy who frequently gives me hug each time he sees me.  I also enjoy shooting the shit with whichever barista is on staff at the time, everyone's super friendly here. No matter what you order I'm sure it will be bomb but just incase you walk in and have no idea I would suggest a pour over coffee paired with a scone or perhaps an iced flavored latte with one of their speciality toasts, you'll be glad you did.

4. Dark Horse Coffee- Hit up this place if you're in downtown San Diego to stop in and grab a drip or  a simple espresso. Get ready to enjoy some good local coffee and a chill city vibe...

5. Communal Coffee- This spot is a newer coffee place that recently opened up last year and let me tell you it's a very hip hot spot indeed. Combined into part flower shop, retail boutique space and coffee cafe this is a multi functional open thriving space for young like minds to come together and enjoy a cup of coffee some toast all the while thinking about a bouquet design to take home. To be honest it's probably one of the most hipster places in San Diego I've been too and I've been to plenty... 

6. Coffee and Tea Collective- This place is simple and classy and straight to the point. No bullshit here to say the least, I love getting a classic barista drink here whether it be a pour over drip or a double shot espresso my boyfriend and I like to come here before hitting up some of our favorite local brunch spots in the North Park area. 

7. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters- This coffee was actually my first introduction to San Diego's scene in the specialty coffee world in Socal. My previous experience with Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco left me a bit jaded with such high expectations of what good coffee is and should be but this place impressed me and has always been high quality in my book. Their location is so close to La Jolla shores you can walk over to the cliffs and look out at the ocean view with a cold brew in hand and know that everything will be okay. 

8. James Coffee Co.- Oh boy where do I begin? James is an interesting environment because it's a shared retail space with other businesses inside a warehouse space. A barber shop, eye glasses boutique and lounge cafe all make up what is a trendy Little Italy special and unique experience. James coffee itself is also delicious, I highly recommend a honey and cinnamon latte or a espresso shot grab a deck of playing cards and and chill. I also have a special secret to announce which is that I recently did a photo shoot here at this coffee spot so you readers will see a real peek inside James Coffee very soon. Expect a new post from this place within a few weeks or sooner. 

And so on that note I say adieu! Until next time Loves. I hope you sincerely enjoyed this post and will check out some of these places.

- Jordy