Floral 90's dress- Vintage
School Boy Camel Sweater Dress- Tobi Sweater Dress
Faux Suede boots- H&M
Black Tights- American Apparel
Sunglasses- Anthropologie
Choker necklace- Windsor
9N The Naturally Blushed Palette- Morphe Blush palette
Purple Red Colour Intensifying Conditioner- Evo Hair Conditioner

Hi Loves!

Today I've super excited to share with you this brand new outfit post featuring some of my favorite spring essentials. Give me a floral vintage dress suede booties, retro inspired sunglasses and a warm sweater to top it off and I'm a happy girl. It's a fun thing to be able to use some winter transitional pieces in some other styled outfits. I'm pretty sure I've worn these boots with multiple jean outfits and many other dresses and this sweater from www.tobi.com I also like styling it with leggings and I also tend to wear it around the house in my pjs which is so comfy. 

*Side Note: I do want to mention that this sweater I altered a tad by cutting up the sides which opened it up more so I could easily wear it tied up or down and flowy. There's always room to play with your clothing so always feel free to make something yours even if that means you gotta switch it up a bit. I just wanted to mention this so if you looked at the website link (listed above) and was wondering why it seemed slightly different, now you know why.

Lately I've been playing with my beauty routine lately as well. I love having my hair red but it always fades so fast so I started using this amazing pigmented conditioner by EVO fabuloso and I'm happy to say that it really works! I love how within one hair wash I can tint my locks to have a rouge hue. I've also been pairing my warm toned hair to match my makeup looks by using my new Morphe blush palette which I can pair to any outfit to match my mood along with my tried and trusted MAC foundation and highlighter staples.

Personally, I've always loved the springtime especially here in sunny San Diego. Everything is blooming all at once and smells so fresh and clean. 

Well, that's pretty much about it for now! But stay tunned for more photo series coming your way this week including another outfit post and a couple's post with my boo.

Till next time loves! 

- Jordy

Live for the Music

Hi Loves!

Today this post comes from my recent happenings in my life this year so far. These pictures were taken from my birthday weekend (back in January) where I spent the day with people I love my best friend, my brother and my special man. Being amongst friends and celebrations this year has taught me to live life to the fullest and not look to the future as much, but in a good way. Live music always makes me feel alive so seeing The Raveonettes and A.F.I. recently has particularly been a wonderful experience. At the end of the month I get to travel to Portland, OR with my boyfriend, Grant where we will be celebrating one full year of our love. An anniversary trip may have been my idea but we both are fascinated with Portland and we look forward sharing new experiences there together. Today is Saint Patrick's day and yes, I'm wearing green. I'm about to go out and be with friend in a few hours but for now I'm trying to remember to take in these moments this year celebrating the joys in life and the things that make you feel alive.

Below I have put together a new Playlist featuring the soundtrack of my 27th year alive. Enjoy!