Savvy Shopping

*note this is a sponsored post*

Hello Loves!

Today is a special day because I just wanted to share some cool news with you all in regards to shopping ( which is one of my favorite past times duh! ). Okay you ready? 
Let's walk on into this like...

But for real now, have any of you readers ever used Groupon???

 It's a wonderful thing. If you don't already have this app downloaded onto your smartphone then you should do it right now, (or after you're done reading this post ) it's worth it. I personally have the Groupon app downloaded on my IPad and IPhone for easy and convenient use. But let me get to the point by mentioning that recently Groupon has upped it's game. So much so that the company recently partnered up with over 9,000 retailers all across the U.S. to create a new way to use coupons... What's so great about this is that they're calling it Groupon Coupons!!! It's completely free and makes for a very efficient way for shoppers like you and I to find thousands of coupons, promos and special codes all from a variety of your favorite stores and companies.

 To be more specific here's an exact general list of some of those brands and stores I've been talking about. And more importantly some of my favorite brands I'm excited about to use the groupon coupons for...

Besides all the wonderful shopping sites I also wanted to mention that I'm also a HUGE FAN of Groupon when it comes to food too. Yes, you heard me. Did you know that there are big savings to had when it comes to eating out? I've had countless meals with my boyfriend and dad for father daughter dates eating sushi or fancy Italian all the while using a Groupon at check out and getting our money's worth. It's always worth it in fact I've even used groupon before for yoga classes since I was wanting to try out some new spots to stretch at without getting all committal to one place. Although I do enjoy Corepower yoga but since they can be so expensive I've used Groupon specials before to get more bang for my buck.

Anyways I'll wrap it up here but I'm glad you stopped by and took a look so see what all this fuss is about. If you're anything like me you probably love a good deal and saving money where it counts. SOOO what are you waiting for? It's time to download Groupon Coupons right now. You'll be glad you did, you can take my word for it.

Till next time loves!

- Jordy

Portland Aniversary Trip 2017




Hello Loves!

Sorry it's been a minute, I've been sitting on this here blog post for a few weeks trying to piece all this together. In coordination with this recap from Grant and I's trip to Portland the first week of April 2017 a LOT has been happening. Well not a ton but it all has to do with Portland itself. 

For starters our trip was INSANELY WONDERFUL, between all the eating, drinking, exploring and coffee consuming we had an absolute blast and by the end of the trip we did not want to come home. I mean how can you not tell by all the colorful photos I've posted above.. 
We were in Portland, Oregon for a total of 6 days, where we spent 3 nights with Grant's fantastic cousin Megan Grant (who also happens to be a hairdresser with a gorgeous house planted in Saint John's neighborhood). We also spent 3 nights in our special Airbnb home (the home of Emily Katz @emily_katz and Adam Porterfield @goldenruledesign) for the second half of our trip. The days seemed to meld into one another and we never made an official agenda other than taking it one day at a time. Below I'll list the places we checked out and so you can take a peek into the world of springtime in Portland though our eyes...

Listed in no particular order here's our Portland Guide:

15. Gravy

So basicly if you're planning on taking a trip to PDX yourself anytime soon take this list above as a safe and secure guide that will have you exploring all over Portland's finest neighborhoods. And speaking of neighborhoods I have BIG NEWS everyone, I'll be moving to Portland this fall! 
For those of you who follow me Instagram (@honey_lavender) may already have a hunch that this is happening but it's official now since you're reading it here published in this post that Grant, my boyfriend and I will be seriously moving to Portland, this fall, the first week of October to be exact and we couldn't be anymore excited!!!

On a reflective note I just wanted to mention that sometimes life just falls into place and as much as we try to make things happen for ourselves sometimes we just gotta let life run it's course. With that said I'm also happy to mention that we already have living situation ready for the move as well. We have a place on 12th and Madison which is basically a block away from hip and happening Hawthorne street ready for us to move into when the time comes. 

So long story short there's been some traveling, changes and reminiscing in this here blog post but I gtg and head to work for the evening. You lovers have a great rest of the week! I'll be posting again soon with new content coming your way.

- Jordy