Leo Carrillo Ranch

Sweater - Anthropologie
Purple/Red Color Intensifying Conditioner - EVO
Earrings- handmade by yours truly
Vintage doctors bag- Louis Vuitton
Leather woven belt - Thrifted
Shoes by - Forever 21
 Lipstick - MAC

Hi Loves!

So today I'll keep this short and sweet. Its summertime now and it's getting hot so I'm loving living in dresses feeling easy and breezy. These pics above show my recent photo session I had with photographer Julie Jones at Leo Carrillo Ranch which is a beautiful place F.Y.I. 
In continuation with my collaboration with Poppy Apparel I'm passing along my discount code to you readers so you can also get your easy and breezy dresses. 

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Photos taken and edited by Julie Jones of www.jonesphotographycompany.com

- Jordy

Daydreaming About Portland

 Hi Loves!

So lately I can't help but share with everyone my excitement with my upcoming move to Portland. To be exact with my countdown we (my boyfriend and I) have 3 months left until we begin our road trip drive up the California coast all the way to Portland, Oregon the first week in October. It's pretty unreal actually, life has been opening up to us with a natural manifestation. We have a room in a beautiful historic house locked down for us to move into including 4 rad roommates two dogs and a cat for super cheap (the perfect starter place) in a crazy central part of town on the East side of the Columbia river. Thank god I was browsing facebook last month bored out of my mind or else I wouldn't have seen my friends roommate needed post... 

In order to prepare myself for the epic change ahead this fall I've been doing some research of my own to gear up for the drive up beginning of October. In case you're curious how we plan on moving across states up North I've been planning that too. For starters I plan on selling my car for extra cash to help pay for our u haul trailer Grant and I have on reserve. I'm hoping to get back on my single speed street bike once I'm up in PDX, plus I hear their public transportation is quite reliable and cheap so that's a plus. Since I used to live in San Francisco for over 7 years I'm certainly not afraid of busses, muni, trolley, bart lyft's or uber's for get around town, it's usually more fun and a great way to learn how to get around in a new city. Grant on the other hand will be driving up in his Chevy Trail blazer with our U Haul trailer attached to it the whole way up. It will be nice to have a car between the two of us and will be cheaper and easier to manage. 

Along the way to our destination I have several places in mind for us to stop at along the way. We definitely won't be in a crazy rush so I hope taking in the scenery and enjoying the 101 drive will be magical. Now, I don't want to give too much away but a few spots we may stop along the move up could be anywhere from Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Tomales Bay and many more...

Here's my Daydreaming List of places that are on my radar in regards to Oregon:

1. Oregon coast- Brookings town (stop at Fat Irish Pub)
2. Samuel H. Board man state semi coordinator ( It's basicly the arch rock and natural bridges)
3. Gold beach city southern Oregon coast (stop at the Arch Rock Brewing Company)
4. Port Orford be sure to check out Battle Rock Park which is good for whale watching ( Eat at Redfish best diner with a view)
5. Cape Blanco State Park ( not easy to get to) but check out the lighthouse
6. Bandon town old timey charm where they focus on fresh produce and farming
7. Shore Acres State Park ( off the beaten path) it's 13 miles south of Coos Bay
8. Florence (short distance from Eugene) it's a small coastal town with nice weather year round
9. Cape Perpetua (Thors well) it's also one of the wonders of Oregon super cool sight to see
10. Pacific city with an awesome brewery there called Pelican Brewing it's right on the beach with dunes and a beautiful sunset
11. Tillamook (cheese factory duh)
12. Cannon beach part of the Goonies was filmed here. It's popular in the summer to many portlanders
13. Seaside just north of Cannon Beach
14. Astoria near the border of Washington state

Jordan's Portland to Check Out List:

1. Bridge and Burn
2. Brooder for brunch
3. next level Burger on Hawthorn
4. Visit Crater Lake
5. The Cove Palisades
6. Hike Smith Rock
7. Sunset at Pilot butte in bend Or.
8. Breitenbush hot springs
9. Solabee flowers north

Alright now I know this is a hefty amount of information but I'm personally a list maker, expert planner but I do like to let loose from time to time this here is just some ideas saved in my notes section of my iphone for safe keeping. I thought the least I could do was share with you all. So stay tunned with me on this impending move. Be sure to follow along and see how many crosses I can get off these lists above...

Till next time loves!

*Please note all images were taken from Pinterest, I hope to get my own pictures once I get to visit all these amazing places.

- Jordy

Show Me Your Peacock

Retro Vintage Dress - www.poppyapparel.com
Purple/Red Color Intensifying Conditioner - EVO
Pink lace up block heels - Target
Gold silk slip - Anthropologie
Ruby Woo Lipstick - MAC

Hi Loves!

I hope all of you have had a great kick off to a fantastic summer so far, I know I certainly have. This post comes to you inspired by a bird of all things. Peacocks, are one of my favorite birds and I have always had a huge appreciation for their beauty and "notice me" attitude. As you can see from these photos above they were putting on a full spectrum display. I had so much fun frocliking around with these lovely birds and I only thought it was so fitting that my new summer dress from Poppy Apparel had actual peacocks on it. I'm calling it my peacock dress now, lol... 

As a special treat for you readers I have some exciting news! So I have a new brand I've been getting into which has been nice enough to give me a discount code to pass onto you readers. If you haven't heard of them be sure to check out @PoppyApparealShop on instagram or head to their website to start shopping and be sure to use my discount code: honeylavenderdiscount for an additional 15% off your purchase.

Just a heads up I have a few new posts coming soon as well featuring my other dress I received from Poppy Apparel so stay tunned for that!

Till next time, happy shopping!

Photos taken and edited by Julie Jones of www.jonesphotographycompany.com

- Jordy