Hi I'm Jordan!

I'm 27 and I live a creative lifestyle in San Diego, CA.
Playing around with hair, makeup, styling an outfit, crafting up something, headed to a show or going on an adventure are all the things that bring me so much joy in life. My days usually consist of hanging out with my friends, taking pictures, making jewelry, putting together outfits, or basically anything that has to do with art, beauty, fashion or jewelry, I just can't get enough!!! I enjoy making things and watching something from start to finish come to life. Being hands on is what I do best. I see life from a day dreamers point of view, but I'm all business when I need to be. I'm a lady of many passions so I tend to jump around to keep things interesting. Whether I'm in front or behind the camera my passion with photography and styling go hand in hand. This is my visual diary where I hope to share my inspirations, opinions, and passions about the current world around me. This is how I interpret it all.

P.S. I also am a HUGE fan of Lavender anything. My blog name actually comes from my favorite ice cream flavor from a small local food company called Bi Rite in San Francisco, CA. Check that place out if you're ever in San Francisco!

It's nice to meet you.
I hope you enjoy my blog.

- Jordy


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